Below, is a representation of our standard BOOTH RENTAL contract.
This is NOT to be printed or used as a contract.
This is supplied for reference purposes only!
Actual contract wording may vary slightly.

The Vendor hereby represents and warrants that the Vendor holds full title (or has received, in writing, the authorization by any necessary parties) to sell the items they are displaying for sale. The Vendor hereby releases the Store from all involvement, liability, and responsibility from any possible copyright infringement actions. Vendor accepts sole responsibility for compliance to any and all copyright laws pertaining to the items they are attempting to sell.

The rental fee for the booth shall be $_____ per month, or any part of the month, and is non-refundable. The rent is for your allocated amount of floor space only. Expanding beyond your rented space subjects you to additional rental fees. Rent is due and is to be paid in full no later than noon, local time, on the FIRST DAY of each month. Any rent not paid in full by this time shall be considered delinquent and will be charged late penalties, and possibly subject you to collection prosecution. The late penalty is an additional accrual of $2.00 per day, or for any part of a day, the rent payment remains delinquent.

It is the responsibility of the Vendor to have rent payments in the cashier office on time to avoid late fees. If the first day of the month is a Sunday, or if the store is not scheduled to be open on the first day of the month, you must have your rent payment submitted prior to the first of the month to avoid late fees. For your convenience, there is a mail slot in the door you can use it to drop your payment off if the store is closed, or you may pay in person, or mail your rent in advance, and we will not cash the rent check until the first. Credit card/debit card payments cannot be accepted for rent payments. A $50 fee will be charged for each returned check.

This original contract shall be binding for ninety (90) consecutive and successive days, commencing from the DATE OF ACTIVATION. After this 90 day term, this contract and all provisions therein, shall automatically renew on a “month-to-month” basis.

The Vendor may cancel this contract by providing the Store a written, signed “Intent To Vacate” notice. This notice must be presented to the Store more than 30 calendar days prior to desired date of departure. If rent is not current when Vendor submits the Intent To Vacate form, the Vendor grants to the Store, the right to take possession of adequate Vendor merchandise the Store deems to be of equal or greater value to the amount of rent owed. If the Vendor vacates while any rental fee remains unpaid, and/or the Store has not been compensated for any damage the Vendor caused, legal action against the Vendor to recover the missing funds, plus the cost of prosecution, may be commenced.

The price of each item displayed is to be determined by the Consignor. The item price, in addition to the “Vendor Number”, (as assigned to the Consignor by Northwest Consignments), must be legibly written in ink on the item tag. Each individual item MUST have an accepted Item Tag affixed to it with the VENDOR NUMBER and ITEM PRICE being CLEARLY written on it. Failure to comply may result in the inadvertent non-payment, or incorrect payment of sold item(s). Each item shall also have a Store supplied “Item Number” on the tag for inventory tracking, when applicable.

The Store shall be paid a “Consignment Fee”, (percentage indicated on signature page), for each item sold from the Vendor display. This consignment fee is based on the price at which each item sold. Within 7 business days from the last Saturday of each month, the Store shall make every effort to have the money available to each Vendor, which was received from third party purchases of the collective group of items sold by the Store for the Vendor, less the Consignment Fee. This payment made to the Vendor by the Store shall be in the form of a valid check, valid for sixty (60) days, drafted from the business account of NORTHWEST CONSIGNMENTS, and made payable only to the Vendor. No other form of payment will be made. A valid photo ID may be required before check is released. Only authorized persons can receive the payments.

The Store represents and warrants that they shall maintain insurance coverage sufficient to compensate the Vendor for the fair market value of the Vendor owned items in the event of damage or destruction due to fire, flood, or other natural causes. The Vendor releases the Store from all financial liabilities and losses that may occur due to theft, vandalism, breakage, or other damages.

The Vendor is expressly prohibited from making, or being the cause of, any modification of any type, to any part of the structure located at 422 12th Street, Franklin, Pennsylvania. This includes but is not limited to drilling holes, inserting fasteners of any type, or adding/removing material to any part of the building. No changes of ANY KIND shall be made to the booth being rented, or to the building structure, by the Vendor. Any and all changes to the booth shall be made exclusively by the staff of the Store.

Electrical extension cords, multiple outlet power strips, outlet modifiers, or any electrical device, supplied by the Vendor, CANNOT be used within the consignment center without written consent from the Store. No heating and/or cooling devices, furnished by the Vendor, shall be used without written consent and approval of the Store.

There are no restrooms available for Vendor use. There is no water source available to Vendors. There is no water or restroom available for public use.

The hours of operation for the store shall be determined by the management of Northwest Consignments, and may change from time to time. We base our schedule on consumer trends, local events, and many other factors. Typically, our business hours are from 11:00AM until 5:00PM, or later.

The Vendor shall bear all costs and expenses for the transportation, stocking, and re-stocking of items they desire to sell. The Vendor shall also bear the full cost and the sole responsibility to maintain, clean, and restock the rented booth.

You will receive $5.00 “Referral Credit” off your monthly rental space if you refer a client for booth rental with Northwest Consignments. This credit will only be issued while the referral has an active contract with the store and their account is in good standing. This credit cannot exceed ten dollars a month. To be eligible for this credit, you must notify Northwest Consignments in writing, the full name of the person you referred PRIOR TO THEM CONTACTING US. If the prospective vendor contacts us before you tell us you referred them, no Referral Credit will be awarded to you. No Referral Credit will be given for a consignment referral.

Not all electrical items will be activated/powered within the Store. The management of Northwest Consignments holds full and final determination as to whether or not any device is activated/powered/displayed within the store. Electrical extension cords, multiple outlet power strips, outlet modifiers, or any electrical device, supplied by the Vendor, CANNOT be used within the consignment center without written consent from the Store. No heating and/or cooling devices, furnished by the Vendor, shall be used without written consent and approval of the Store.

This Agreement and the interpretation of its terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the laws of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in the COUNTY OF VENANGO, being situated within the COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA.

No modification of this Agreement shall be valid unless said modification is in writing and agreed upon by both Parties. For any modification to be valid, both parties, (Vendor and the Store), must sign the modification.

Vendor agrees to abide by all laws as set forth by the local city, state, and Federal agencies, and to not participate in any unlawful activities that could defame NORTHWEST CONSIGNMENTS, it's owner, or any of the vendors associated with the Store. The Vendor shall not allow any unlawful activities to occur, by any person associated with the Vendor, when on the Store premises. Furthermore, the Vendor agrees to practice fair trade ethics, to conduct their business in a professional manner, and to never allow their actions to tarnish or damage the reputation of the Store.

The Store may, at it's discretion and expense, advertise in various media. The Vendor hereby permits Northwest Consignments, full and complete authorization and approval to use any and all images, videos, and descriptions of their merchandise for the purpose of this advertising, with no compensation of any kind being paid to the Vendor.