Our consignment service is very simple.

First, you need to contact us regarding the potential to consign your items. If we agree to consign your items, all you do is sign the contract, price the item(s) you want to sell, (and we even supply the tags for you), and we do the rest. Remember: When pricing your items - people are looking for bargains. Set your prices at the amount you'd like to pay for it if you were the purchaser!

Occassionally, to give more people the opportunity to utilize our services, we may need to limit the number of items from a consignor.

When an item of yours sells, we subtract our consignment fee from the selling price and the rest is yours! No hidden charges or fees, and we handle submitting the "PA Sales and Use Tax" for you!

Selling things through us instead of having a yard sale or a garage sale is far less expensive, less hassle, and you don't have strangers roaming around your property!

Just think about that for a moment - Do you really think all those people that come to your home for your sale is looking only at what is offered for sale? Some, you can be sure, are taking inventory of your possessions to determine if there is anything worth coming back for and stealing!

Want to get started?

PLEASE NOTE: A signed contract with Northwest Consignments is required before we accept consinged items. The information required for the contract is your legal name, your 'DBA' (if applicable), legal mailing address, and an active phone number. An email address is strongly requested, but not required.


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