Below, is a representation of our standard CONSIGNMENT contract.
This is NOT to be printed or used as a contract.
This is supplied for reference purposes only!
Actual contract wording may vary.

  The Consignor hereby represents and warrants that the Consignor holds full title (or has received, in writing, the authorization by any necessary parties) to sell the items they are displaying for sale. The Consignor hereby releases the Store from all involvement, liability, and responsibility from any possible copyright infringement actions. Consignor accepts sole responsibility for compliance to any and all copyright laws pertaining to the items the are attempting to sell.

  The Store shall be paid a 30% "Commission Fee" for each item sold from the Vendor. This consignment fee is based on the price at which each item sold. Within 7 business days from the last Saturday of each month, the Store shall make every effort to have the money available to each Vendor, which was received from third party purchases of the collective group of items sold by the Store for the Vendor, less the Commission Fee. This payment shall be made to the Vendor by the Store and must be collected by the Vendor within 60 calendar days from issued date, and only previously authorized persons can receive the payment. If payment is not collected within the 60 calendar day window, the Vendor forfeits the entire payout and receives no compensation for the item(s) sold.

  This contract shall be binding for ninety (90) consecutive and successive calendar days from the DATE OF ACTIVATION, as shown on the signature page. After the initial 90 calendar days, if any consigned items remain, the Consignor must do one of the following:
  1> Sign a thirty (30) day renewal, with only one renewal permitted. (The renewal has a $2 cash processing fee - no checks, credit or debit cards accepted for this fee)
  2> Remove any remaining item(s) within seven (7) calendar days from contract expiration date, during posted business hours.
  IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the Vendor to monitor the contractual time frame involved. Northwest Consignments will not send any reminders or notices prior to expiration dates.
  If Consignor does not renew contract and does not remove all of their remaining consigned items within the seven (7) calendar day window, total ownership is automatically and wholly transferred to Northwest Consignments with the Consignor receiving no form of compensation for these items, as they shall then be considered a donation to the Store by the Consignor.

  The Store may cancel this contract at any time, without advance notice to Consignor. Should there come a time when the Consignor has no item on display within the Store, this contract will expire and become void at that time. Any future consigning will require a new contract.
  If the Vendor desires to remove any or all of their unsold consigned items prior to expiration date of this contract, shall only be permitted to do so if the Cancellation Fee of $50.00 or 40% of combined labeled prices of consigned items being removed, (which ever is higher) is paid in full, in cash. Removal of items prior to contract expiration without Cancellation Fee being paid in full shall be considered theft and will be subject to prosecution. (Also See "MERCHANDISE ROTATION/SWAPPING" Section)

  The Store shall have the sole and exclusive decision of determining where and how to display every accepted consigned item. Also, Northwest Consignments holds the option to refuse/remove, for any reason, any item from being presented for display/consignment.

  The price of each item displayed is to be determined by the Consignor. The item price, in addition to the "Vendor Number", (as assigned to the Consignor by Northwest Consignments), must be legibly written in ink on the item tag. Each individual item MUST have an accepted Item Tag affixed to it with the VENDOR NUMBER and ITEM PRICE being CLEARLY written on it. Failure to comply may result in the inadvertent non-payment, or incorrect payment of sold item(s). The item price shall be written on both sides of the tag.

  The Store shall be paid the "Consignment Fee" for each item sold from the Vendor display. This consignment fee is based on the price at which each item sold. Within 7 business days from the last Saturday of each month, the Store shall make every effort to have the money available to each Vendor, which was received from third party purchases of the collective group of items sold by the Store for the Vendor, less the Consignment Fee. This payment made to the Vendor by the Store shall be in the form of a valid check, valid for thirty (30) days, drafted from the business account of NORTHWEST CONSIGNMENTS, and made payable only to the Vendor. No other form of payment will be made. A valid photo ID may be required before check is released. Only authorized persons can receive the payments.

  The hours of operation for the store shall be determined by the management of Northwest Consignments, and may change from time to time. We base our schedule on consumer trends, local events, and many other factors.

  The Store represents and warrants that they shall maintain insurance coverage sufficient to compensate the Consignor for the fair market value of the Consignor owned items in the event of damage or destruction due to fire, flood, or other natural causes, and Vendor may need to produce inventory documents to satisfy insurance claim validation requirements. The Store is NOT responsible for any losses that may occur due to theft, vandalism, breakage, or other acts of maliciousness.

  The Consignor is expressly prohibited from making, or being the cause of, any modification of any type, to any part of the property located at 422 12th Street, Franklin, Pennsylvania. No changes of ANY KIND shall be made by the Consignor to any display within the Store

  Not all electrical items will be activated/powered within the Store. The management of Northwest Consignments holds full and final determination as to whether or not any device is activated/powered/displayed within the store.

  There are no restrooms available for Consignor use. There is no water source available to Consignors. There is no water or restroom available for public use.

  The Consignor shall bear all costs and expenses for all transportation and shipping of items to the Store. The Consignor shall also bear the full cost of removing their consigned item from the store, if the Store requires the items to be removed. If removal is required by the Store, the Consignor has fourteen business days to remove item(s) during business hours. Failure to remove item(s) within this time frame may result in ownership of the item(s) reverting solely and totally to Northwest Consignments, with the Consignor receiving no compensation for the loss of ownership of the items.

  The Store shall have the right to remove any item, and/or refuse any item from being sold through the store. The Store may remove any item, for any reason, and without advanced notice and/or agreement of Vendor. Forbidden items include, but are not limited to: tobacco related products, unlawful drugs or equipment/paraphernalia, firearms (other than non-working/toy), ammunition, explosive devices of any type, bedding items, pillows, and upholstered furniture.

  Vendor is permitted to "swap out", or "rotate" items on display ONLY ONCE during the course of this contract, and only if Northwest Consignment management has given approval in writing for the new items to be brought in and displayed. The "swap out" must be recorded and verified by signatures of both parties before items can be swapped.

  The Consignor agrees to do all things reasonable to protect the reputation and the name of Northwest Consignments. Consignor also agrees to no involvement of any manner with any unlawful sales, trades, purchases, or actions while in the areas where Northwest Consignments has any responsibilities. Furthermore, the name of "Northwest Consignments" shall NEVER be used by the Consignor in any unlawful action, promotion, sale, barter. trade, or activity.

  No modification of this Agreement shall be valid unless it is in writing, agreed upon and signed by both Parties, with both Parties receiving copies of the signed modification(s).

  This Agreement and the interpretation of its terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in the County of Venango, situated within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The above document is for reference only.
The above document is not a contract - just a reference document.
Terms and conditions within actual contract may vary from the above.