Our history is rather short.

Our doors at 422 12th Street in Franklin, Pennsylvania, opened on September 01, 2017 after purchasing the "Love, Me Antique and Consignment Boutique".

We had been a vendor in "Love, Me" since it started in April of 2017, where we offered many unique, hand-crafted things for sale.

When the owner offered to sell us the boutique, due to personal family reasons she had going on, I moved quickly and was able to get the purchase money from an investor.

I knew that the name of the store would be changing if the purchase went through because I'm a big old country boy and me owning a "boutique" just wasn't in the cards. LOL!

Then the big moment happened - at 9:00AM, Septemeber 01, 2017, the 'Article of Sale' was signed and "Northwest Consignments" was born. Just an hour later, we opened our doors for the first time.

In the time I've had the store, I realize how blessed I am because the vendors we have are fabulous, a true blessing to be working with! They provide such diversification of high quality goods that it's hard to believe it's all under one roof.

We hope you stop in and look at all the things our vendors offer. It's a large, eclectic collection of treasures, both old and new. I feel certain you'll find something you will treasure for years.

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