The doors at 422 12th Street in Franklin, Pennsylvania, opened on September 01, 2017 as Northwest Consignments after the purchase of the "Love, Me Antique and Consignment Boutique" was complete. We had been a vendor there since it started in April of 2017, and we offered many unique, hand-crafted things for sale.

When the owner asked if I would be interested in purchasing the boutique, I moved quickly and was able to get the purchase money from an investor. I knew that the name of the store would be changing if the purchase went through because I'm a big old country boy and me owning a "boutique" just wasn't in the cards!

Eventually, the big moment happened - at 9:00AM, Septemeber 01, 2017, the 'Article of Sale' was signed and "Northwest Consignments" was offically in business. Just an hour later, we opened our doors for the first time, eager to start our new adventure.

After enjoying three "Applefest" celebrations, in January of 2020 we were informed by our landlord that the building had been sold. Shortly thereafter, the new owner served us with an eviction notice. We had to be out by February 29, 2020.

I immediately began to investigate every possibility, trying to find a new location from any suggestion given to me from any of our clients and/or friends. It seemed nothing was available that I could afford and it was the end of the road.

Then, with just one week remaining before the deadline of when I had to close the doors forever if no location was found, a friend suggested I investigate renting space at the old Cranberry Jr-Sr High School building in Seneca. Moving fast, I called, then met with the owner, and we were soon signed up and ready to start moving in!

Things were going okay after the move, but as you can guess, it was a challenge. Since I had to work at a local restaurant in the evenings, I could only work a few hours at the store each morning, and trying to work around the dozens and dozens of boxes within our new store to construct the booths added some extra challenge. Then, when we were finally about ready to re-open, the COVID-19 deal hit and our hard fought re-opening was now delayed indefinitely.

Days seemed like months waiting for permission from the Commonwealth to open, but then, thankfully, we received authorization. We could finally open for the first time in Seneca on Monday, May 25, 2020.

The remainder of 2020 turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise for us. The people in Seneca and neighboring communities really gave us a lot of support and we decided early in the year 2021 that we would finally celebrate our "GRAND OPENING" during the first week of May.

So the time comes for our Grand Opening celebration and along comes more cold weather, rain, wind, and of course, snow was thrown in that week also. Even though it cut back on the outdoor vending we had planned, it was a good week with attendance being better than I expected.

I had contacted some fellow retailers and businesses within the local area to see if they'd be interested in donating a gift to be given away at our Grand Opening. The generosity was staggering and as a result, we could give out a lot of really nice gifts. To see information about the gifts and prizes, CLICK HERE.

We had been very restricted by the landlord in Franklin and never permitted to do anything extra when in Franklin. Now, with the fact that our landlord here in Seneca is awesome, we're going to have 'Open House' days, and other activities in the future. Continually check our website for information on upcoming special events.

You're always welcomed to stop in and look at all the things our vendors offer! The selection is a very large, eclectic collection of treasures, both old and new, and it changes rapidly. I feel certain you'll find something you will treasure for years.

I wish to request you to "FOLLOW" the store, and give a review on our FACEBOOK page.

In closing, I want to confess that I am a walking example of how God cares for His believers. This little business is growing slowly but steadily, and I attribute that to the fact that He has guided me every step of the way. We feel the only way to thank Him is to treat people with respect, honesty, and compassion, as He has directed us to do so. Having been raised in a Christian family, as I age I realize how richly blessed I have been through my entire life, and the honor of becoming friends with so many wonderful people is quite humbling. The rewards I have received from God are mind-boggling.

May the Lord watch over you and guide you to your true happiness.


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